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Basketball shooting shirts. Model: STAR. Design: LINEAR.

Product number: 033110SL
25,00 €
Delivery time: 7 - 10 days

Main info:

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW, that after purchase of this outfit, our team will contact you and we will work together in order to fulfill your expectations for the outfit. There are so many possibilities: you would be able to choose colors, lettering, the font of names and numbers, as well as placement of logotypes or symbols. We will prepare the outfits according to your individual needs and requirements. Your outfits - your decisions.


DESIGN: Linear

  • "Wick-on" technology fabric;
  • Free-motion model construction;
  • Well-steaming moisture material used for making shirt sides.
  • Wide range of sizes, heights, designs, colours: adjusted individually.       

Outfit usage:                                                                    

Basketball outfit made precisely for sportsmen warm up sessions. Shirt is loosen style that motions would not be restricted during warm up.


Outfit is made using material well-steaming moisture. It allows body to breathe. These qualities assures the maximum sportsmen' comfort. Fabric composition: 100% "Wick-On" polyester.