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Double-sided reversible basketball game sets. Model: LESS

Product number: 012104/022104ZB
30,00 €
Send request Delivery time: 1 - 14 days

Main info:


  • 30% lighter one layer two sided fabric;
  • “Wick-on” technology material;
  • Free motion model construction;
  • Possibility to choose required design of lettering and numbers;
  • Lettering and numbers are placed using sticking method.  

Outfit usage:                                                                    

Basketball practice outfit for professionals and game outfit for amateurs. One set has light colour and dark colour combination reversible shirts and shorts. There is a possibility to choose required lettering and numbers’ design.


Outfit is made using material well-steaming moisture. It allows body to breathe. These qualities assures the maximum sportsmen' comfort. 

Fabric composition: 100% "Wick-On" polyester.